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Our experienced barbers are here to serve you and the community. We’re familiar with the latest trends if you’d like to try something new, but your wishes and requests always come first.


Below are the resumes of our top barbers. We’d love to get to know you personally, so stop by and meet us!




Pedro is the owner of Legacy Sports Barbershop. He has worked as a professional barber for many years and is versatile in cutting all hair types. He specializes in clipper cutting, razor edging, cutting with shears, and applying Bigen/color. Call for an appointment today!


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Terrence aka "Terry" is the epitome of a barber. His 30+ year experience in the barbering industry has placed him amongst the top tier of barbers in Hampton Roads. He truly is the full package. His customer service, professionalism, and service is top notch and will guarantee a return customer if you sit in his chair. He has helped many barbers come up and be successful in this business. Terry also has one the most rich and diverse clientele in the area.


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Dion is what we call the "Get it Done" barber. His calm and professional demeanor has kept him at the top of the barbering industry for 20+ years. If you call on Dion he'll get the job done by any means. His speed and efficiency is amongst the best in the business and will have you in and out while maintaining to give one of the best services you've ever had.


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Zoe is another one of Legacy's skillful barbers. He is an all-around barber that does the sharpest edge-ups, razor edges, tightest fades & tapers, and designs of all sorts. Zoe's major assets to this profession include his attention to detail and his amazing sense of humor.


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Karriem is another one of our star barbers. His calm and laid-back demeanor reassures that his clients are comfortable while receiving their service. He truly is a go-getter and will get the job done by any means. He is taking strides to become the best barber he can be all while giving his clients the best service possible.


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Jermaine has proven himself an asset to Legacy Sports Barbershop. Naturally, a people-person, he adds to his barbering skills a great personality. He specializes in tapers, fades, and cool designs for the kids.


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Sam is a laid back barber of many talents with over 30 years of experience. He is very professional, intuitive, and has a talent for blending all hair types and textures. Sam is also the very first male to graduate from the Virginia Beach VoTech in Cosmetology


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Jacob adds flavor to the business with his specialty in designs, fades, and childrens cuts. He can cut all types of hair. He is always available for his clients and potential clients.


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